COG is released!

Yup, it’s out. Here the official email blurb:

The long-awaited COG 2009 generics-only sourcebook has finally been released.

In case you haven’t heard about it, here’s a little background info. Instead of the usual stash of cases you don’t need and negative briefs that quickly become outdated, COG is the first and only NCFCA sourcebook to consist exclusively of generic briefs. The briefs in COG can be applied to huge categories of different cases – for example, Regulations – Bad, which works against pretty much any case that uses regulations or restrictions. Think “evidence against almost anything.” This year, with the broadest resolution in NCFCA history, flexibility is essential.

“This year, as we all know, NCFCA went a little crazy and voted for the one of the broadest resolutions in history. This year, debaters will be learning the value of two tools: a good topicality press and generic briefs. You can’t buy a topicality press for every case you hit. But you CAN get your hands on a bunch of high quality generic briefs, in the form of the COG sourcebook. COG contains powerful, concise, and well-formatted briefs. You don’t get lame arguments that would never work in front of a real judge. You get down-to-earth, easy-to-understand, and well thought out arguments that even the greenest community judge will understand. Generics are going to be important this year, and COG is, right now, the best sourcebook for generics.” – Andrew Min, national double octafinalist on a 6-0 record

“With this year’s broad environmental topic, COG’s generic briefs are a must in every debate box.” – Coach Tom Umstattd

The whole volume runs at 280 pages – the same length as last year’s Blue Book – for a mere $18 (digitally delivered.) Even at that size, if you order before September 19th, printed copies are available for just $35 – huge savings over what it would cost to print it yourself. (See website for details and caveats.) A statistical source analysis shows that COG’s evidence quality is significantly above most other sourcebooks, Blue Book included. Nearly three quarters of the sources have PhDs, and you won’t find any evidence from random online news services or political candidates. Check out the sample brief to get an idea what it’s like.

The website is at, if you want to more information or just want to download the samples. Remember, the offer for printed copies is only good until Sept. 19th.

– Daniel Gaskell, Alex Macdonald, and Brian Morgan, COG lead editors

P.S. Please forward this to anyone else you think might be interested – your publicity makes things like this happen!


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