Announcing COG 2010!

We all know that cases evolve and diversify over the course of the season; case-specific briefs you get from sourcebooks at the beginning of the season will likely be outdated by the end of it. Generic briefs, on the other hand, give you arguments that work against whole categories of cases, regardless of the details. With a good arsenal of generic briefs, you’ll never be left speechless – and that’s exactly what COG gives you. COG is the first and only NCFCA/Stoa sourcebook to consist entirely of generic briefs. Our goal is to give you powerful, easy-to-use evidence against literally any topical case.

You can read the whole spiel on the website, but here’s the summary:

  • Generics: COG consists exclusively of generic briefs, carefully selected and tailored for maximum applicability. You’ll find few cases it doesn’t have something against.
  • Quality: COG uses only the best evidence from the best sources. Last year, we had (statistically) some of the best sources of any sourcebook.
  • Usability: COG aims for maximum pick-up-and-go ease of use, with clear tags, simple organization, and thorough explanations.

“COG was the single most useful sourcebook in my arsenal last year. The easy-to-use generic briefs ensured I had everything I needed, and equipped me with solid and simple evidence for every neg round. Tag-lines were simple, evidence was to the point, and credible. I will recommend COG to all my students next year!”

– Ben Chambers (1st place at the Springfield Qualifier in 2010)

Editors: Writing for COG this year are Daniel Gaskell, Alex Macdonald, Ben Snodgrass, Cameron Rentchler, and Samir Patel. All five of our editors have qualified to NCFCA nationals at least once. You can read more about them on the website.

Release date: September 1st.

Pricing: Reflecting the increased size, pricing is expected to be $20-25.

Midseason Update: (NEW!) A unique midseason update (with new generics, case-specific links, and more) will be included free. Details will be forthcoming.


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