COG 2011 author applications

It’s that time of year again! Up until May 15, we’ll be accepting applications for COG authors.

To apply to be a COG author, send an email to with the following items:

– Personal information: Your name, age, state, club, and preferred email address.
– Credentials: Your top debate awards. (This isn’t a make-or-break factor in the decision – we’ll happily accept a fantastic researcher who has never broken – but we like to know.)
– Current affiliate status (NCFCA, Stoa, dual) and which edition(s) you’d like to work on (NCFCA-only, Stoa-only, both).
– Committment level: Just give us a very rough idea where on the spectrum between “cranking out a brief an hour” and “meh, I’ll give you a few cards” you expect to fall.
– Sample material: Attach some samples of your research. Generic briefs are preferred, if you have any good ones, but standard AFF and NEG files work too. Preferably at least 10-15 pages of material.

For additional information (revenue projections, editorial system, etc.) just send us an email.


3 Responses to COG 2011 author applications

  1. Timothy says:

    When are you going to decide who the authors will be?

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