Stoa sample brief and table of contents released

Sample Brief

The COG 2011 sample brief for the Stoa edition (Progressive Taxes – Good) has been released – you can download it here.

Table of Contents

The initial volume is 49 briefs and 360 pages. Including the free midseason update, the whole sourcebook will be 60+ briefs and 450 pages, all for only $25.

Topicality Press – Borrowing
Topicality Press – Kritikal Affirmatives
Topicality Press – Purpose Is Revenue
Topicality Press – Revolution
Topicality Press – Spending
Topicality Press – Structure vs. Numbers
Topicality Press – Tax Credits
Supreme Court Fiat – Bad

Corporate Taxes – Good
Corporate Taxes – Bad
Economy – Doing Fine
Economy – Doing Badly
Estate Tax – Good
Estate Tax – Bad
Flat Tax – Good
Flat Tax – Bad
Income Tax – Good
Income Tax – Bad
Predictions Bad
Progressive Taxes – Good
Progressive Taxes – Bad
Regulatory/Excise Taxes – Good
Regulatory/Excise Taxes – Bad
RST/FairTax – Good
RST/FairTax – Bad
Tariffs – Good
Tariffs – Bad
Taxes – Good
Taxes – Bad
VAT – Good
VAT – Bad

Kritik – Paternalism
Kritik – Tax Relief

Charitable Donations Disadvantage
Charitable Donations Disadvantage – Response
Congressional Pledge Disadvantage
Constitutionality Disadvantage
Constitutionality Disadvantage – Response
Debt Armageddon Disadvantage
Debt Armageddon Disadvantage – Response
Feed the Black Hole Disadvantage
Feed the Black Hole Disadvantage – Response
Overseas Labor Disadvantage
Overseas Labor Disadvantage – Response
Permanency Disadvantage
Permanency Disadvantage – Response
Spending Disadvantage
Spending Disadvantage – Response


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